**All facials include face, neck, décolleté, hand & foot massage & extractions.  (Express facials excluded).  Facials are customized to accommodate your individual needs.

Casanova Facial: Men's Facial.  Deep cleanse including beard & moustache. Exfoliation to aid in removal of ingrown hairs & skin congestion. $60

Microneedling: Modality using sterile needle head, to stimulate skin's natural healing process. Encourages new & healthy collagen production. Reduction to acne scars, fine line, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation & improve skin tone & texture. $150 each or  Prepaid Packages Available!

1st appointment only $90

AHA/Dermaplaning Peel: Décolleté add-on! $25

Exfoliation Express: Great for the person who has to 'ski-dats'! Refresh the skin in half the time as a full facial with an AHA peel! $40

Dermaplaning Express: Removes 2-3 weeks of dead skin cells of your skin.  Leaving skin silky smooth! $50

High Five Eye & Lip Treatment: Rice Bran Alignate eye mask that helps decongest puffy eyes, reduces swelling & aids in hydration.  Pumpkin mask for exfoliation & hydrates lips! $20 treatment/$10 add-on

Homecoming Facial:  A facial for teenagers.  No massage, clothes stay on.  This can be used for boys & girls. $40

Disco Facial: Basic facial that concentrates on balancing & rejuvenates your skin.  Includes a gentile exfoliation & masque. $60

LED Treatment:  Used to stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines & wrinkles! $50 (25 minutes/or add on)

Cool Cat Facial: Acne fighting facial that cools the skin to help reduce bacteria build-up and inflammation!  Includes AHA peel, masque, & intensive ampoule. $100

Can You Dig It? Facial: Anti-age facial delivers nutrients to boost & revitalize skin cells.  Concentrates on fighting free radicals & supports cellular respiration.  Rendering your skin with a more radiant appearance.  Includes AHA peel and collagen masque. $100

Gimme Some Skin Facial: Dermaplaning facial has deep exfoliation & cellular regeneration.  Effectively improves elasticity and firmness in the skin.  Removes "peach-fuzz" leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.  Includes dermaplaning, gentle scrub, peptide masque & intensive ampoule. $130

The Grooviest Facial: Intensive anti-aging facial helps to maintain skin's elasticity and improve the look of fine lines.  Your skin will be left feeling nourished, smooth & rejuvenated! Includes dermaplaning, AHA peel, collagen or peptide masque & intensive ampoule. $165

70XX:  35% Glycolic with 35% Lactic acids.  This is a very intensive facial perfect after more aggressive treatments (i.e. TCA or Microneedling.)  Includes: AHA peel, cooling massage & masque & intensive ampoule.

Outta Sight Treatment: Back treatment.  Get rid of built up dead skin cells that are just too hard for you to reach! $55

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